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Churchyard & Umpleby Construction (Pty) Ltd. (C&U) is a Level 5 Contributor with a Score of 61.55% on the Scorecard. Click here for BEE Certificate from Amax BEE.

C&U have adopted the following strategy in order to address BBBEE objectives.

C&U is an authentic BEE company with a 50% BEE Equity Component.

C&U optimises the participation of local Black Business Enterprises (BEE’s) and Previously Disadvantaged Individuals (PDI) within the project impact area throughout the project value chain by either and/or :

Option 1: Forming Joint Venture (JV) partnerships with other BEE’s to undertake all components of the “Structural Steelwork” Trade Package (TP).

Option 2: Sub-contacting the following components of our Structural Steel Trade Package to achieve PDI & BEE Participation.

Whilst ensuring Employee Empowerment by having all BEE participants comply to the Employment Equity Act Number 55 of 1998, the Skills Development Act Number 97 of 1998, the Skills Development Levy Act number 9 of 1999 and that all training plans must conform to the S.A. Qualification Authority Act Number 58 of 1995.

Employ Targeted Labour by giving preference to people from the local community.

Develop a skills transfer programme for PDI’s and Targeted Labour during the project life cycle in line with the Skills Development Act specifically for steel-erectors, bolters, painters, etc.

Develop support mechanisms to mature and enhance managerial, technical and commercial skills of BEE’s during the execution of the project by mentoring and exposing BEE’s to our business philosophy and conduct.

Supporting BEE’s to complete projects successfully in order to attain credibility in commercial circles for future projects.

BEE Certificate
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